Adele Life Awards

Adele Lifestyle I have to start being very healthy ... I hate these things like tofu, he said. Do not worry about it, such as tofu is no longer necessary for a vegetarian diet is enough to eat meat protein. Vegetarians and vegans enjoy a variety of proteins of plant origin, including seitan, tempeh, beans, nuts and seeds.

Adele on the Award Show

Adele Lifestyle 2011 Roll in the Deep Star who was forced to cancel part of his tour, after patients with a severe cold and chest infection, will play in the shows Wolverhamton Blackpool, Bournemouth, Plymouth and Cardiff in November on his blog to write 'when she said.


Adele Best Capture 


Adele Summer Snaps 

Adele Best Award Ever

Adele Life Singing 


Adele Playing with gaiter 



Adele With beautiful Dress

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Adele Gorges 

Adele In Bridal Makeup

Adele on Stage 

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